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We look for the right software engineering apprentice who will fit into your team

We look for people who are comfortable with the unknown, who are careful, who are methodical, and who have a genuine interest in learning, not just how to write code, but to write elegant, readable code.

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Our Apprenticeship means:

  • Developers who can code from the day they join.
  • A qualification in ½ the time of most apprenticeships.
  • Get the quality that Makers is renowned for.
  • We’ll remain highly selective to get you the right developers.
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Our approach to learning

  • Real developers from day zero
    Most developers push production code within 2 weeks of joining an employer.
  • Self-directed professionals
    Makers are not drummed into senseless passivity: they are active and hungry.
  • Growth mindset
    Makers learn that learning is their prime directive.

Jade Daubney,
UK Recruitment Change Lead,

ThoughtWorks usually hires just 1% of people we interview – but we hired 68% of the people we interviewed from Makers Academy.

Martin Aspeli,
Head of Engineering,
Deloitte Digital

Makers Academy is a conveyor belt of awesome. There’s no other source of recruitment I’d put this much energy into.

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