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As long as you have a passion for Tech we can help you career switch into one of the most exciting and future proof careers today.

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Bespoke career support from day one

We are fully invested in making your career switch a success. Our dedicated career coaching team and awesome array of hiring partners are committed to helping you land your perfect role and fast.

  • Dedicated career support from day one
  • Linkedin, CV and interview coaching
  • Exclusive access to open roles
  • Over 300 firms have hired Makers graduates. We also have an active network of 50+ hiring partners

We have helped thousands of students land their dream job and regain joy in their working life.

Online or in-person immersive training

We offer full time interactive courses either fully remote or hybrid training at our London HQ.

All our courses are led by industry leading engineers to guarantee you learn the coding techniques used in the real world of work not just the classroom.

Meditation, yoga and holistic wellbeing sessions are also part of our curriculum to help you build focus, stay energised and gain resilience.

Over 300 firms have hired Makers graduates

We also have an active network of 50+ hiring partners

Want to know more and have all your questions answered?

Come join one of our weekly online discovery sessions

Join a lifelong community not just a course!

With over 3,000 alumni, Makers has the UK’s largest, most vibrant, supportive, diverse and fun alumni community in tech. 

When you become a Maker, you will not only make new friends but become part of a career support network for life. We run exclusive networking opportunities and host a lively online community group every week. You are never on your own as a Maker. 

We have helped 1000’s of students change their lives and super charge their careers.

Else Meijerink,

Makers will teach you how to learn new things, over and over again. You’ll do something new every week and it’s really really full on. By the end, you can build web apps. In at least two languages. It’s really amazing how far you can come in just a few months.

Rabee Mghrabi,

The experience at Makers taught me a lot about not only how to code but also about myself. I developed lots of soft skills and made some great friendships as well as became good at coding. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a developer.

Olatunji Oduola,

The Makers team was flawless in delivering our Bootcamp remotely and took measures to ensure all students felt together on this journey.

Each member of the Makers team is extremely supportive and emphatic to our individual needs. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from coaches with not only great commercial experience but a real passion to teach others.

Kiki Dawson,
Deloitte UK

Wonderful course. The coaches were very supportive even in a remote setting. They seemed to truly care about what we were getting out of the course and our wellbeing.
I feel more confident not only a developer but as a leader and team member. I’ve finished with improved communication and research skills and a better sense of myself.

Dominic Vernon,
Deloitte UK

At Makers, you’re encouraged to be active in your own learning rather than have it passively given to you. To learn a language you need to be immersed in a culture… you can’t just do it three hours a week. You need to really get to grips with it. You need to just get stuck in and not be afraid to get things rolling or to try do things differently.

Dania Mah,

Makers provided an incredible 16 weeks that kickstarted me to dig into tech and find its fit with the world of design. It was a personalized experience that builds the developer’s habits of being constantly curious and focused on your learning. It was a crazy roller coaster I thought I wouldn’t get through but Makers teaches you that any situation will always work out no matter how impossible things may seem.

Gabriela Budeanu,
Jigsaw XYZ

Until changing careers, I felt like my work wasn’t making a big impact on the world. I am now very excited that I can contribute and be part of all the big future changes that technology will bring to our lives. Makers was challenging and very intense, but at at the same time fantastic and life changing.

Peter Johnstone,
Cleo AI

Makers exists for a reason: that there are not enough junior developers out there. That makes you in demand. And on top of that, they have a fabulous careers team, who will be alongside you throughout the process.

Christopher Ly,

There aren’t enough words to describe the experience. The course, the camaraderie within your cohort, the support you get from the careers team – the experience in its entirety was exhilarating. There was never a day where I didn’t want to come in and spend time among my peers.

Debora Piu,

Warm vibes, happy faces, internal jokes… everyone seemed to have a special connection with each other, which is what then happened to me with my cohort, after so much time spent together. You really feel the motto ‘once a Maker, always a Maker’ in the air.

Kate Morris,

I’m grateful for the comprehensively holistic support from the non-technical staff — from the free food, through yoga and meditation and careers team. The banquet of skills I am now able to provide to an employer has been enhanced without a doubt: more importantly, the core ingredients are better.

Masha Budryte,

If you are not sure whether you should attend a coding bootcamp or not, bear in mind that it will teach you much more than just coding.

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