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  • Makers offers 16 week, full-time courses in Software Development, DevOps, Data Engineering and Quality Engineering via remote or on-site learning at our London campus. Get the curriculum.
  • We’ve trained thousands of developers over the last 10 years, some of which are now CTOs and Tech start-up founders.
  • We believe in holistic learning and offer a truly transformational experience with unrivalled career support.
  • 16 week full time bootcamp course cost: £8,500 including VAT. ‘Learn now & pay later’ options available.

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Meet our graduates:


Funmi Adewodu, Yoyo Wallet

“The​ ​whole​ ​Makers​ ​experience​ ​was​ ​amazing​ ​and​ ​completely​ ​life​ ​changing.​ ​It​ ​has been​ ​the​ ​best​ ​form​ ​of​ ​education​ ​I​ ​have​ ​ever​ ​been​ ​through.​ The emotional​ ​intelligence​ ​curriculum​ ​at​ ​Makers​ ​also​ ​gave​ ​me​ ​a​ ​sense​ ​of​ ​self​-​awareness that​ ​I​ ​never​ ​really​ ​had​ ​before​ ​the​ ​course.”

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Chris Harrop, Jigsaw XYZ

“Since Makers, I’m happier. I’ve gained a tangible skill that means I don’t just have a job, I am what I do and I’m proud to do it. I owe a great deal to my fellow Makers Alumni and everyone who supported me through the course. Life-changing is a cliched term but this is a truly transformative course.”

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Jennifer Shepherd, Financial Times

“There’s been a lot to learn but I’m already impressed that I’m encountering challenges, working to overcome them and moving on to the next area quite quickly. It can be daunting. I like that the Makers ethos is about learning plenty, getting stuck, working out how to get unstuck and then working hard to move forward.” Read More



Dominic Vernon, Deloitte UK

“At Makers, you’re encouraged to be active in your own learning rather than have it passively given to you. To learn a language you need to be immersed in a culture… you can’t just do it three hours a week. You need to really get to grips with it. You need to just get stuck in and not be afraid to get things rolling or to try do things differently.”

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Dania Mah, Freelancer

“Makers provided an incredible 12 weeks that kickstarted me to dig into tech and find its fit with the world of design. It was a personalized experience that builds the developer’s habits of being constantly curious and focused on your learning. It was a crazy roller coaster I thought I wouldn’t get through but Makers teaches you that any situation will always work out no matter how impossible things may seem.”

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Gabriela Budeanu, Jigsaw XYZ

“Until changing careers, I felt like my work wasn’t making a big impact on the world. I am now very excited that I can contribute and be part of all the big future changes that technology will bring to our lives. Makers was challenging and very intense, but at at the same time fantastic and life changing.”

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Christopher Ly, Spektrix

“There aren’t  enough words to describe the experience. The course, the camaraderie within your cohort, the support you get from the careers team – the experience in its entirety was exhilarating. There was never a day where I didn’t want to come in and spend time among my peers.”

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Debora Piu, Deloitte

“Warm vibes, happy faces, internal jokes… everyone seemed to have a special connection with each other, which is what then happened to me with my cohort, after so much time spent together. You really feel the motto ‘once a Maker, always a Maker’ in the air.”

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Masha Budryte, Thoughtworks

“If you are not sure whether you should attend a coding bootcamp or not, bear in mind that it will teach you much more than just coding.”

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There are two main pathways to becoming a software developer with Makers.

Makers Bootcamp

Earn £30k-£40k in your first role. Makers provides four 16-week technical training courses. Each program begins with 8 weeks of Software Engineering fundamentals, followed by options to specialise in Software Development, Data Engineering, DevOps, or Quality Engineering. You can choose on your specialisation later in the course. Our teaching approach is practical and holistic, with job hunting support and employer introductions included.

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Makers Apprenticeships

‘Earn and Learn’ on £25k-£35k from day one. Our L4 Apprenticeships are the equivalent of a foundation degree. We offer Software Engineering, DevOps, Data Engineering and Quality Engineering Apprenticeships with exciting companies across the UK. Once completed you will gain an accredited diploma. Placements are limited, so do apply to our apprenticeship pool today to make sure you are alerted when placements become available.

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What People are Saying

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“When I was looking at the bootcamps I could apply to, I saw many bootcamps that promise “belonging to a community”, but Makers truly provides that. Their approach to learning is so welcoming and unique, I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life (and I don’t think I will again).”

Elliot Horton-Stephens
February 2023

star star star star star

“Within 6 months, I have gone from very novice coder to getting my first job as a developer and that is thanks to Makers. And although an intense learning experience, it has also been a refreshing and revitalising break from the world of work where my learning has been the priority.”

Jennie Evans
November 2022

star star star star star

“Had a great time at Makers. The coaches are knowledgeable and make it a point to always be available for feedback or review. The pace of the course is rigorous but it echoes the sort of problem solving under tight time frames that will occur on the job. There is a lot of emphasis on EQ learning and the job support after completion is incredible.”

Rakshak Shetty
October 2022

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