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From Project Manager to Software Engineer

Before Makers I worked in science publishing for a decade. I was a Project Coordinator at Springer Nature (2,500 staff) doing project management, operations strategy, and working with others (developers, external editors, management…), & I trained science editors on how to use the online peer review system. Before that I managed a team for BMC (200 staff) on the BMC series (flagship journals in Biology & Medicine subjects) – all online, open access, making research available for everyone and maintaining integrity in science research. Lots of Excel, data analysis, and a tiny bit of SQL. On top of that I worked in print production for Springer Healthcare (150 staff) with designers and global contractors (printing, & delivery), using lots of print domain specific knowledge.

For a long time I was the person apologising for problems with the workflow, from now on I want to be on the team solving problems. I enjoy breaking problems down, getting to the bottom of an issue and figuring out a way to solve it. I love the idea that software is always changing, growing with the people who use it. I love love love writing a program that does what you want it to!
I don’t consider myself a stereotypical developer, so I think it’s really cool that I can have a career where I program for humans not machines


What I’m looking for:
  • My ideal job offers the chance to learn on lots of parts of software development, front/back end, middleware, databases, UX, accessibility – I want to try everything and find where I fit.
  • I’d like to work in a team that trusts its developers / demonstrates or wants to grow in XP values, Agile works for them, loves TDD… My dream job uses continuous deployment and isn’t scared to deploy on Fridays.
  • My ideal team should see the value in a diversity; creates opportunities for learning, mentorship; and continues their diversity throughout the business.
  • Work/life balance is important and I would love to work somewhere that is proven to be kind about human needs.
  • I’d like to be able to understand what the company does and believe in their product/values
  • README Queen: I pay special attention to writing code that can be understood as I want my code to be easy for the next dev to understand and be ‘malleable’. 
  • Excellent collaborator (through pair programming) and communicator. Great at giving and receiving feedback!
  • I volunteer at codebar as a moderator and recently joined them as a London organiser. I like to go to meet ups and conferences, I went to CityJS conference during the pre-course and will be going to State of the Browser in Sept.
Ruth Baker

“I enjoy breaking problems down, getting to the bottom of an issue and figuring out a way to solve it.”


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