Makers Fellowship

We have a limited number of spots on the Makers Fellowship programme and we’re looking for applications from the FCC community

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 20th March 2019  Apply

Break into the tech industry

The fellowship is a pathway to a long-term career as a software developer. You don’t pay to join us and on completion of the course, you interview with our large corporate hiring partners to be placed on site with them and employed by Makers on a 12 month contract with continued support and skills development from our coaches and the careers team. Fellowship applicants must demonstrate a technical ability and aptitude for problem solving that outshines other candidates — we’re looking to invest in outstanding individuals for a more inclusive tech future. We are inviting fellowship applications for a limited time from the FCC community. Applications are open only for courses commencing in May and June 2019. Apply now because everyone deserves a job they love!  

Places Makers Work
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Lorraine Phillips

Meet our Makers

Anna Holland Smith, The Hut Group

“The Makers experience was unlike any other. I have learnt to code and carved out a new career for myself alongside some of the most diverse and inspiring people I have ever met.” Read More

Lorraine Phillips, Softwire

“It’s been great in terms of knowing I can change career, I do have the ability. Makers has been so affirming – a dream experience” Read More

Jennifer Shepherd, Financial Times

“There’s been a lot to learn but I’m already impressed that I’m encountering challenges, working to overcome them and moving on to the next area quite quickly. It can be daunting. I like that the Makers ethos is about learning plenty, getting stuck, working out how to get unstuck and then working hard to move forward.” Read More


Apply for the Makers Fellowship

To apply, all you need to do is show us your potential.

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