Success Story:

Dominic Vernon

From Finance to Tech
Hired in May 2018

Before Makers…

Over the past few years, Dom had been working, most recently at a financial services company who did all the back office and administrative functions for companies listed on a stock exchange. He now works at Deloitte UK as an Associate Software Developer.

dom vernon

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“There is a very big difference in the way material is delivered here at Makers.”

At school, you’re given everything you need to know and you’re almost taught to pass an exam. You’re not really learning in the same way at all. At Makers, you’re encouraged to be active in your own learning rather than have it passively given to you.

With this style of learning, there isn’t really any measure of how you’re learning … an objective measure anyway. It’s very much ‘are you progressing’ rather than ‘have you reached a certain point’. To adjust, we personally set our own goals and move forward from that.

You have to learn how to rely on yourself a lot more than usual. When I started taking ownership of my own education, it just gave me a lot of self confidence and motivation — I was so much more engaged with life.

The way it has been delivered, has given me the energy to continue into the weekend, see friends, and keep going. Confidence is definitely something I’ve gained as well — now I can do side projects or different things on my own or a whole load of other things.



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