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Makers launches UK’s first ever Women in Software Power List in partnership with Level39 and Computerweekly

Software developer bootcamp Makers launches Women in Software Power list in partnership with Level39 and Computerweekly
  • UK’s first ever Women in Software Power List is now open for submissions.

  • Nominations open to both cis and trans women.

  • Recognises the rising stars of the industry

  • Candidates can nominate themselves or colleagues can nominate their female peers
  • Candidates must work in the software industry- anywhere in the UK
  • All company roles and levels are recognised
  • Candidates must be in the profession for less than six years

  • Applications can be completed online from February 11th

  • Deadline for submissions is March 10th

  • Winners are announced on May 8th

  • Spread the news online and via twitter using hashtag #WomeninSoftwarePowerList

February 7th 2019, London, UK: Software developer bootcamp Makers, in partnership with Computerweekly and Tech Community Level39, today announced the opening for submissions to the UK’s first ever Women in Software Power List. Aimed at the rising stars of the coding community, the list will celebrate the contribution of female talent in the development of the digital economy across all sectors and is open to candidates from around the UK.


Makers’ power list initiative calls on members of the community– both men and women – to nominate and submit the names of female colleagues who should be recognised for their contribution. Nominations open to both cis and trans women. Women who work in software can also nominate themselves. All nominees must be working in the sector for up to six years or less and can demonstrate unique talent and vision in their respective positions.


Each nominee should meet the following criteria, which Makers uses to define impact:

1. Growth – in learning and leadership

2. Influence – in the community and among peers

3. Innovation – contributing to interesting projects at work or independently


Deadline for submission is March 10th. Nominations are submitted online.


A panel of judges will select the top 30 women from the nominations. Those selected will be included on the Women in Software Power List and announced at a celebratory event on May 8th.

Makers was inspired to launch the initiative in response to the growing need to get more women in tech: currently females represent just 19% of the digital tech workforce in the UK, as opposed to 49% across all jobs, according to the 2018 Tech Nation Report. In 2017, female Programmers and software developer made up only 3.9% of tech and telco professionals in the UK — down from 10% in 2007.

Getting women to enter the digital workforce is one challenge – but keeping them there is equally hard.

Researcher Kieran Snyder interviewed 716 women who left the technology industry after an average tenure of 7 years.

Snyder found that almost all of them said they liked the work itself, but most were unhappy with the work environment. Understanding how to create a welcoming workforce comes from seeing the women that are thriving in their professions. Creating a power list of this talent can help the entire community understand what it takes to attract, retain and make the most of exceptional female talent.


“We want to recognise the significant contribution of the rising stars of the software industry,” said Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO of Makers. “There’s a need to examine the roles they play – as well as the companies that allow them to thrive. Compiling 30 incredible women across the country will bring the community closer and hopefully inspire others to consider a career in the digital economy and to encourage businesses to create environments that break down gender barriers and are conducive to everyone.”


The 2019 Women in Software Power List will be published on May 8th.


About Makers

Makers is creating a new generation of tech talent who are skilled and ready for the changing world of work. We are inspired by the idea of discovering and unlocking potential in people for the benefit of 21st century business and society. We believe in alternative ways to learn how to code, how to be ready for work and how to be of value to an organisation. At our core, Makers combines tech education with employment possibilities that transform lives.

Makers is the premier coding provider based in Shoreditch, London. In 16 weeks the organisation will train students to become fully qualified software engineers. Makers has a successful track record for spotting and developing the talent of students from different backgrounds. Over 35% of its engineers have been women: two times higher than the industry average. In the past it has also developed its own fund to attract students from difficult backgrounds. To date, Makers Academy has turned over 1,400 people into junior software engineers and placed them with leading global brands such as Deloitte Digital, Tesco, Vodafone and Capgemini.  


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