Case Study: RVU

How Makers is helping RVU to build a pipeline of future technical leaders

About RVU

Founded in 2018, RVU is a group of online companies that work to empower consumers by helping them compare home services and financial products. Their leading brands, Uswitch and Money, exist to empower the consumer to make more confident home services and financial decisions.

Uswitch is the UK’s top comparison website for home services switching; Money is one of the UK’s leading comparison websites for financial services.

The Challenge

RVU had been trying to find a way to bring in early stage engineers with a view to building a pipeline of future technical leaders. Traditionally they had hired experienced engineers so did not have the internal training capability to take on graduate level hires and provide adequate support and development.

Makers’ solution

RVU hired four candidates from Makers, entirely remotely, and were impressed with both the technical ability and cultural alignment.

“We’re a culture that biases towards getting things done, growing yourself, putting yourself in ever-challenging situations. These are people that have chosen to pursue a new career. They’ve taken a risk to retrain and personally invested a significant amount of money to do so. We have found makers to be driven, enthusiastic and eager to make their mark,” said Ryan Greenhall, Engineering Manager at RVU.  

“Makers candidates come with experience, so are generally already relatively skilled in non-technical aspects of any role: communication, teamwork and feedback. While a Makers grad would still be inexperienced from a technical perspective, their maturity from a previous career/life experience reduces the learning curve — we are able to focus on growing technical capability.”

Tariq Syed, CEO at RVU

“I’ve been fortunate enough to personally interview all the Makers candidates we’ve hired and I’m so impressed at the calibre of people and how they are so culturally aligned to how we work. They’re well rounded from their previous experience and have a real hunger to succeed in their new career path. I look forward to seeing them developing into future engineering leaders at RVU.”

Ryan Greenhall, Engineering Manager – RVU

“We spoke to people with varied careers such as architects, entrepreneurs, nannies and management consultants. So whilst diversity wasn’t the primary reason to work with Makers, it certainly has helped us to become more diverse across several dimensions. 75% of hires have been female.”


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