5 ways to attract and retain women in tech roles

9 December 2021

Our panel from InnovateHer, HustleCrew and Happity discuss how to take action to support and amplify women’s tech careers.

Our panel of leading voices in tech discuss practical ways to support women in your organisation, so you can act now.

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For the past decade, getting more women into the tech talent pipeline has been high on the agenda for organisations across the world. With a shortage of skilled tech workers in general, demand for talented coding professionals is skyrocketing — and this is a driver behind the national efforts to increase the number of women in tech.

Tech’s long-held reputation for gender inequality, and lack of women role models, is what set the scene for the Women in Software campaign. 2021 was our biggest Women in Software event yet, hosted at the Financial Times’ Bracken House and backed by Computer Weekly, the FT, and Google for Startups. But in the campaign’s third year, we recognise that our work is just getting started.

The pandemic has highlighted a need for greater urgency in stamping out gender inequality in tech; or we risk taking steps backwards.

To encourage these vital conversations to flourish, we’re hosting an exciting panel discussion titled 5 ways to attract and retain women in tech roles. Joined by the phenomenal speakers Innovateher, Makers and more, we’ll explore topics around the current experiences of women in tech; and expand on the key ways we can enact change, as laid out in our recently published whitepaper:

  • Providing mentorship opportunities
  • Creating partnerships with academic institutions to create graduate programmes and awareness schemes
  • Encouraging flexible working
  • Carrying out unconscious bias training
  • Providing safe and regular opportunities for feedback on company culture

We encourage women and allies to attend, learn and ask your questions to fellow tech trailblazers in a safe, welcoming environment.

We hope to see you there!

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