Code of Colour 4

18 October 2018
Makers HQ, London

Code of Colour is Makers’ LGBTQ+ community.

Code of Colour is getting together this October with our biggest and best event yet. It’s our fourth event held at home at Makers and we’re opening up our doors to invite you to come and hang with us.
The night will be a super chill affair of a couple lightning talks, some hanging out and chatting, followed by a talk from our awesome speaker – this month the lovely Suzanne Huldt will be talking about the relationship between weaving and coding – and how weaving conventions still inform software metaphors today!

Weaving & Coding

The history of this relationship can serve to clarify and untangle both how we think about programming and the changing status of programming as masculinised or feminised labour. Suzanne will present code written in an attempt to model traditional loom programs in modern JavaScript and interrogate the different requirements of software and hardware programming.

18:30 Event begins – Welcome! Grab some refreshments ­čÖé
18:45 Lightning talks
19:00 Break. Get to know people time. More refreshments?
19:30 Talk – Suze Huldt
20:30 To the pub!

This event is open to all and we follow the same Code of Conduct as Queer Code London, which can be found here.

Lightning talks

These are 6-minute maximum talks on ANY topic of your choosing, not necessarily code-related. You don’t need to bring slides or have a full description of the talk, or even know in advance you want to do one. Just put your name on the board before the event begins and give your talk when called!

Alternatively, if you’re super up for it, email Edward to put yourself in the lightning talk schedule! We love this.


You can send questions directly to Edward.

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