freeCodeCamp @ Makers – Free coding workshop

3 March 2020
Makers HQ, Shoreditch, London

freeCodeCamp is a coding meet-up sponsored by Makers to allow newbie coders to dip their toe into the world of tech.

What happens at freeCodeCamp?

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freeCodeCamp meet-ups are generally quite loose and unstructured, the idea being to create a relaxed, low-pressure environment for anyone to be able to come and enjoy themselves, particularly for people who aren’t used to coming to tech meet-ups regularly.

However, at the beginning, we do usually split up into groups based on what people are most interested in, which are generally:

  • People who want to work on specific coding challenges. These can be exercises, algorithms or projects from the freeCodeCamp curriculum, but anything goes really. For example, some people find it useful to work through a CodeWars kata with another person. The focus is usually on JavaScript and other web technologies, but again it doesn’t have to be limited to that.
  • People who want to discuss their experiences in looking for a job as a developer and get some advice. This can be for those who are making a career switch into software development for the first time, or those who are looking to move from a junior to a mid or even senior position.
  • Any other general discussion about coding, tech and life as a software developer! Many of our members see making friends and general networking as the main benefit of attending the meetups.

Don’t feel that you have to stay in the same spot once you’ve chosen a group to start with, it’s perfectly fine to move around the room throughout the session.

There is also always a short show and tell, to give anyone the opportunity to present something they’ve been working on to the group, or share something interesting that they’ve learned. Let us know on Slack before the session if you’re interested in taking part.

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