Learn Coding: Git started with GitHub

13 July 2021

A beginners guide to version control

Learn Coding Git started with GitHub

A beginners guide to version control, one of the most important tools in the devs toolkit!

Have you heard of Git and GitHub? Well, now it’s time to upgrade your coding skillset and master a tool used by every developer every day. Whether you’ve just started dipping your toe in the programming water or are already working on your own coding projects, understanding version control with Git will help you at all stages of your coding journey.

The power of version control

If our lives were version controlled, we’d be able to travel back in time. Can you imagine going back to any given day and being able to live life from that point onwards again? Git gives programmers this superpower for their code – they can rewind to any point in the past and even create and merge alternate realities.

What you will learn
  • Basic command line
  • Overview of version control
  • Learn how git is used for collaboration
  • Initialising a git directory
  • Commit your first lines of code
  • Get set up on GitHub
  • Push some code to GitHub (and get your first green squares!)
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Your coach Katerina

This workshop will be delivered by one of Makers’ wonderful coaches, Katerina. After coaching at Makers for >3 years, Katerina really understands what it’s like to be in your shoes and delights in helping beginners understand coding concepts – or even just come away feeling more confident about themselves. You can read more about Katerina on our blog here.


Since git is a slightly separate concept to programming, this workshop is open to beginners and more advanced early-stage programmers alike and doesn’t require any prior knowledge or coding ability.

Before the session
  • Create an account on GitHub
  • Ensure you have access to a computer with a modern web browser installed such as Google Chrome or Firefox
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