Makers AI Labs

6 October 2023
Makers Office

Join a community of leaders at Makers AI Labs. Collaborate & learn with likeminded leaders & prepare for a future powered by AI

Makers AI Labs 

What is Makers AI Labs?

Makers AI Labs is a space for collaboration and debate among leaders working with AI.

We will use structured case based learning and practical exercises to explore the opportunities and risks that the AI transformation presents.

Each workshop will be led by an expert at the forefront of AI innovation. We will tackle real business challenges and learn how to implement emerging technologies.

To successfully embrace the AI transformation, leaders need to do three things:

  • Stay close to industry to understand the future. Industry is driving the AI transformation. Let’s learn from those leading the charge.
  • Build learning networks for practical, ethical and personal support.
  • Form the right habits now for fast implementation when the acceleration starts.

This series will support leaders in achieving these goals.

Event Schedule
  • 8.30am — Welcome, coffee, pastries, networking
  • 9am — Talk & Q&A
  • 9.40am — Break
  • 9.45am — Interactive workshop
  • 10.30am — Close
How to attend

This event will be run entirely on-site at Makers HQ, in the heart of Shoreditch.

Who is it for?

The workshops are for all technical and non technical leaders looking to enrich their understanding of AI and apply it to their teams, whether you’re an Engineering Lead, Head of People or Marketing Manager. Sessions are facilitated by Sean Hawkridge, Leadership Training Lead at Makers.

October 6th ‘A Brief History of AI & Consciousness in Ten Artefacts’ by Dr. Srivas Chennu, Personalisation Research Team Lead

Dr. Srivas Chennu is a machine learning researcher, visiting lecturer at the University of Kent, and a senior research associate at the University of Cambridge. His published research spans machine learning, statistics, network analysis, and computational neuroscience. He applied this research to characterise networks of brain activity in wake, sleeping, sedated and injured brains. He has shown that these networks can be used to detect covert attention and even awareness in patients, right at their bedside. His topical research program has received considerable scientific, public and international media interest, including from BBC Radio 4 Today, World Service, Discovery Channel, Wired Magazine, New Scientist, The Washington Post and Der Spiegel.

Dr. Srivas Chennu

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