Rubber Duck Unconference

1 July 2021

Not your typical tech conference.

Welcome to Rubber Duck

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We’re inviting our community to come together for an evening of quick fire talks, workshops and discussions to explore key topics in the world of tech. Whether you’re a CTO or just starting out in the industry, everyone is invited to pitch a talk, run a workshop or just come along to watch the action. There are no pre-booked speakers and high-ticket talks claiming the limelight – it’s by the community, for the community without judgement, hierarchy or expectation.

What kind of session can I run? 

Anything related to the world of tech. Whether it’s “How not to lose all your money on Dogecoin” or “When Allyship in the workplace works” – we want to hear it. Some of our favourite topics from 2019 were “How to get a job at Google” and ”Tech for Good: Creating Social Impact”.

Sessions will be pitched at the start of the event in the Ideation Lab. You can choose a 30 minute slot on our Main Stage or a 15 minute slot for our Lightning Stage. After we’ve heard the ideas, the schedule will be built and you’re free to choose which sessions you attend. You don’t need to decide if you want to run a session yet. Register for your ticket and we’ll be in touch soon. We’re excited to see you there.

But I’m not a Makers student, can I attend? 

Yes! This event is open to everyone whether you’re a Makers student or not, a hiring partner, or just interested in tech. This is a great chance to hear different perspectives from across the tech industry.

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