Success Story:

Anna Holland Smith

From Criminal Law to Tech.

Anna was once a criminal defence lawyer. Through CodeFirst:Girls, she became more interested in coding. After Makers, she became a Software Engineer at the BBC. She has taught refugees and asylum seekers how to code; as well as providing monthly coding workshops for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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“The Makers experience was unlike any other. I have learnt to code and carved out a new career for myself alongside some of the most diverse and inspiring people I have ever met.

Before Makers, I was working in criminal law for one of the largest criminal defence firms in the country. I did my research, spoke to developers and read plenty of blogs. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm with which Makers Academy was recommended. Initially my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rest of the cohort and that I wouldn’t get a job at the end of the process. Both of these fears have proven unfounded.

The most difficult aspect of the course for me was learning to become comfortable with the ‘discomfort ‘ of not knowing and of often feeling slightly out of your depth. Luckily, at Makers Academy there is a huge amount of support available, from attending process surgeries to daily meditation, and we are encouraged to adapt and adopt good work and self-care practices.

Following my graduation from Makers Academy, I worked for the BBC as a Software Engineer for Content Distribution Services within Design and Engineering. I have now, just 2 years after graduating, moved into a new position at The Hut Group. THG is a young tech company known for its dominance of and continued growth within the e-commerce space and I am proud to be working with them to create and manage their own Technology Institute. This will be, in the first instance, harnessed to improve accessibility to tech careers within THG. Democratising tech education as a means to improve accessibility to tech careers and create a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce is something I’ve become passionate about and it was instilled in me during my time at Makers.



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