Fellowship Success Story: Jordan Brooks

Hired in July 2018

From Anthropology to Tech.

Jordan took anthropology at University but realised it wasn’t the right path for him. Deciding to go travelling he developed an interest in coding whilst in Australia. He’s now set to begin working as a Junior Developer at the Telegraph.

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“I hated the process of looking for a consulting job, then my brother sent me a link to the fellowship and I came down here and thought, this is what I want to do.”

“I heard about Makers from my brother, his girlfriend knew somebody who’d done it. Recommendations count for a lot, it’s good to have someone you know who can tell you its worth while. I was looking for jobs in consultancy at the time, not having much luck and not really enjoying it. I graduated with a degree in anthropology and decided its not for me so I left the country, lived in Australia, learned a bit of coding and came back. I thought consultancy was a chance to do something technical but I wouldn’t have to be as technical as a developer because I didn’t think I was at that level yet. I kind off hated the job hunt process of looking for a consultant job. Then my brother sent me a link to the fellowship when he found out that had happened. I applied and I came down here and thought, this is what I want to do.

The welfare side of Makers helps a lot. You’ve got to be able to handle the stress. Its not like your working as a dev where you’re doing something you know how to do all the time, it’s always something new so its potentially very stressful. A bunch of people came to Makers because of it, because of the holistic approach. I found meditation useful and the yoga. I’d never done yoga before, now I swear by it!”



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