Fellowship Success Story: Lorraine Phillips

Hired in July 2018

From Project Management to Tech.

Having been told she “wouldn’t understand” tech, Lorraine (a former Project Manager) decided to learn to code. Unable to pay for a course during maternity leave she joined free code group MumsInTech. After hearing about the fellowship she applied and is set to start her full-time role as a Junior Developer at Softwire in September.

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“It’s been great in terms of knowing I can change career, I do have the ability. It’s been so affirming – a dream experience.

I was trying to learn how to code on my own. I was on maternity leave and I was doing a lot of self study stuff and although it was helping it was quite slow going.

Then my husband mentioned Makers but because I was on maternity leave, I didn’t have a spare eight grand. I thought, “Let me keep going on my self-study path and just see how far I get.” It was just out of my price range.

Then my husband sent me a link to the fellowship the day before the deadline so I straightway filled out the application form. It felt like exactly what I needed. I was just happy to see it.”



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