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To achieve exceptional results, you need to hire exceptional people.

At Makers, we’re here to help your company find exceptional junior software engineers.

At Makers we train emerging tech leaders who have the mindset and skills to thrive.

We train our developers to work in modern software engineering practices, languages & frameworks. Our developers are trained by industry experts with firsthand experience working in the software teams of companies such as Facebook, Monzo, Softwire, HSBC, and 8th Light.

We focus on finding people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Through our partnerships with grassroots coding communities, we are changing the gender bias in tech. On average, 46% of Makers talent identify as women or non-binary.

We train career changers who have the maturity that comes with previous experience. The average age is 28 and they have a wealth of prior commercial experience across a broad range of industries, from neuroscience to 3D animation.

We look for their potential to become A-players through our highly selective admissions process. Some companies don’t hire juniors because they haven’t yet got years of software engineering experience. But we know these developers will become top engineers over the coming years.

What makes the Accelerator different?

An agile approach

We have an agile mode of bringing on board top quality developers. Our contracting model allows us to swap people out who aren’t working so that your team always has the best talent readily available for a fair price. 

Bespoke product

Accelerator is customised to match your internal progression framework. It helps Junior Developer contractors during their first year. Afterwards, your team can hire a full-time employee — having had an entire year of relevant experience with them.


A different mindset

We know that exceptional software developers aren’t just great at coding – they’re great at communicating and collaborating too. In fact, we’ve spent a lot of time learning what makes an exceptional developer: they’re a great person, who has gone through great training, and are great for your company.

We make it easy to hire – we deliver high quality shortlists and turn around hires in weeks, not months

Our high-quality talent pool is largely due to our rigorous selection process for our training course. Before people even start our training, Makers is filtering for independent self-starters who are proactive, open-minded and emotionally intelligent.

More specifically, before someone trains at Makers they are assessed according to:

  • How quickly they learn (Code)
  • Their ability to exchange ideas with others (Communication)
  • Their self-belief (Confidence)
  • Their technical skill (Competence) 


Makers trains people in the way your company wants to do software.

At many of the business we work with, engineers are constantly working in different technologies. This is why Makers candidates prove to be a great match. An ability to teach yourself new things is ingrained into the curriculum at Makers Academy, and everyone is passionate about learning new skills.

After the training is complete, the Makers bespoke recruitment service identifies the most suitable candidates, who are most likely to be successful at your firm.


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Next steps

Accelerator begins with a consultation on how at Makers we could support your hiring needs. Once we set that out, we have a dedicated team of Client Partners on board to help. 

After you book a call with our team, the process is as follows: 

1 – Consultation

2 – Solution Design

3 – Tailored shortlist

4 – Onboarding Support

5 – Ongoing development support for your team

You can also learn more by watching Head of Training at Makers, Kay Lack, speak about why investing in your junior talent is essential for the success of your whole engineering team. In this video she introduces Michael Kremer’s O-ring theory and why it’s applicable to software development.


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