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At Makers we transform a diverse range of career-changers into exceptional software developers. We have 24 new graduates every month ready and excited to get to work.

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Leon Linton
Ruth Baker
harry riley

Some of our recent graduates:

From Consultant to Software Engineer

With 10 years commercial experience in Business Development, Client Services and Ops in the global software industry, Leon brings a wealth of prior knowledge to his approach as a software engineer.

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From Project Manager to Software Engineer

Ruth has a decade of professional experience in the science publishing industry. Now she wants to be on the team that solves the problems. Her software skills complement her previous experience in project management, operations strategy and working with others.

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From Co-Founder to Software Engineer

With a varied career across Business Management, Finance Consultancy and Logistics/IT Project Management, Harry brings a broad range of professional and soft skills to the table.

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