Success Story:

Alfie Darko

Hired in July 2018

From Business owner to Tech.

Alfie found a love for coding while building a website for his property management business. After seeing a tweet about the Fellowship from Makers alum Fumni he decided to take things further and apply for the course. He has now graduated and is due to start working at Tesco in the next few weeks. 

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Everything worked out well, it was a positive experience. The whole process has been cool.”

I was doing events. After a while I got bored of it so me and my friend started a cleaning company which evolved into property management. I really liked making the website for it so I thought I want to follow this further. I saw a tweet that mentioned the fellowship. It looked good so I signed up. I had no idea what the environment would be like. I thought people would be from computer backgrounds but it wasn’t like that. It was a preconceived notion. People come from all different backgrounds at Makers.

I got ill during the course and the support from the staff was so good. Everything worked out well, it was a positive experience. The whole process has been cool.

You need to be prepared to work, not just on coding but with people, a lot of it’s collaborative. At first it’s a challenge. Before you’re here you’re just working solo and then you’re introduced to another person working on code then four or five people. It brings the social aspect into coding.

I’m waiting to start my new job now. I’m very excited. They work with React and a lot of front end tech so I’m introducing myself to that world, so as soon as I get to the job I’ll be ready. You can pick up new languages within a week or two. Makers shows you how quickly that’s achievable. I never think, “I wish they taught me this” because I know I can go home and within a week I have a grasp of it. It’s a journey. We come here. We don’t know much. We see the Demo Days and these amazing people and think “How can they do this?”, then in three months we’re doing exactly the same.



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