Success Story:

Ana Maria Suciu

Hired in May 2017

From Political Science to Tech.

Ana Maria Suciu was in the April 2017 remote cohort. Just after she started at Makers (and moved to Paris) she also fell pregnant. After Makers, she started working for French AdTech company Adventori. 

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I had just moved to Paris to be with my boyfriend, and had started training with Makers remotely. At the same time, I got pregnant. I considered stopping my Makers training for about half a day then just went on with the challenges. This was not going to be easy!

My French was really basic so finding a job would have been more of a struggle, and with the pregnancy on top, I was really worried. But I went on, as there was nothing to lose.

Although I learned a bit of programming in high-school, I never really considered a Computer Science Uni, as the myth was that you need to be good at math — I really wasn’t!

So I studied Political Science, dreamt of saving the world and worked in non-profits in Romania. In 2014 I wanted to go back to studying, so I did another Masters degree, in the same sector. But my thesis research was quantitative and I started coding in R and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

And that was the beginning of it. I started researching bootcamps and then chose Makers. Before the end of my Makers experience, I started looking for jobs (since I was pregnant, I wanted to start early). I got a good offer about two weeks after graduation and in fact, I am still working there!

It’s a French AdTech company called Adventori.

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