Success Story: Chris Harrop

Hired in January 2018

From Finance to Tech.

Chris spent four years in the British Army and then six years in Financial Services Marketing and Sales. He had always been interested in tech and after doing a coding evening class, he became more interested in development. Now, he works at Jigsaw XYZ. He’s happier, intellectually challenged, and able to make time for friends and family.

chris harrup

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“If you aren’t happy, do something about it. It’s too easy to let time pass by and pretend it will work itself out. It won’t change unless you make it change.

I’d always been interested in tech and had learned a few bits of code to make my life easier at work. Whilst I wanted to keep improving and gain some real, tangible, technical skills, I just didn’t know the direction to take so did a bunch of courses outside of work.

I decided to look for a coding evening class and became more interested in development. Makers Academy stood out for me because of the relative “safety net” of the hiring network.

Now I work at Jigsaw XYZ. We’re a startup working to help people take back control over their personal data. It’s an incredible collection of people and has really helped me grow since Makers.

Since Makers, I’m happier. I’m challenged intellectually and feel like I’m back at the cutting edge. I’m able to make time for my friends and family and the community of coders is incredibly supportive and progressive. I’ve gained a tangible skill that means I don’t just have a job, I am what I do and I’m proud to do it.

My biggest fear before Makers was that I wouldn’t be able to find the security I had enjoyed in previous careers. I am far more comfortable with it knowing that I have both the confidence and the technical ability to thrive in this new industry.

I owe a great deal to my fellow Makers Alumni and everyone who supported me through the course. Life-changing is a cliched and over-used term but this is a truly transformative course.”



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