Success Story: Dania Mah

From Graphic Design to Tech
Graduated in 2018

Before Makers…

Dania was a Graphic Design and Communication graduate from Central Saint Martins. She heard about Makers through a friend and saw the benefits of coding expanding her creative career as a designer/animator.

dania mah

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“It was a crazy rollercoaster I thought I wouldn’t get through but Makers teaches you that any situation will always work out no matter how impossible things may seem.”

Before Makers, art school was already teaching me to code. I thought learning how to draw a circle on CSS and HTML was hard yet through Makers I started to do crazy things. From building chat-bots, scrapers, building apps from scratch to learning a language in two days.

To my surprise, the journey was also a self-discovery. I learned how to adapt to change, how to live in the present, how to keep growing and remain current in my passions.

All these unforgettable lessons continue to support me being a better developer/designer and person day by day.

Makers provided an incredible 12 weeks that kickstarted me to dig into tech and find its fit with the world of design. It was a personalized experience that builds the developer’s habits of being constantly curious and focused on your learning




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