Success Story:

Jaycee Cheong

Hired in May 2017

From Consulting to Tech.

Jaycee was in the remote January 2017 cohort. Before Makers, she was a technical consultant, and now works for Immersive Labs. 

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“Before Makers, I was a technical consultant focusing on project management. 

I worked with developers on the job, and coming from a social science background, the mix of technical and social aspect of the development work was very attractive to me.

I was fortunate to have found my first developer role in Bristol on week 10 of my training at Makers. Since then I’ve worked as developer, tech lead, engineering manager and in May, I’m going to join Bryter as a cloud infrastructure engineer, working fully remote.

The benefits of training remote at Makers is that you have the extra challenge of being able to communicate effectively (written or verbal) and I can promise you the effort will pay off.

Being an effective remote student and worker means you have more options in the job market and finding the work-life balance or lifestyle that suits you. The time I would’ve spent commuting, is switched to other mindful activities, such as cooking and yoga at home.

You can read more about my story here





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