Success Story:

Masha Budryte

Hired in August 2019

From Bartending to Tech.

Masha was a bartender with a degree in Human Nutrition, as well as doing freelance testing of mobile apps, before she decided to retrain. She was hired in August 2019 and now works for Thoughtworks. 

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If you are not sure whether you should attend a coding bootcamp or not, bear in mind that it will teach you much more than just coding.”

I graduated from university with a degree in Human Nutrition. Then I did some freelance, mostly testing mobile apps, I worked in a couple of start-ups in a non-tech roles as well as worked as a bartender for almost a year.

I was always interested in techie and geeky things. I even did a few coding courses online. After the yet another internship at the medical start-up I have made a decision to ‘commit’ to coding and see whether it something for me.

This is how I ended up in Makers and it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Makers actively encouraged communication in our cohort even before we had a chance to meet each other in person. Your cohort becomes somewhat of the first network circle in your new life as a dev.

We had quite a mix of backgrounds in our cohort and also different levels of proficiency in coding. One of the best things was constant pair-programming with daily rotations so you end up working with every cohort mate at least twice — this really helped to build connections quickly and make friends.

Beyond the cohort there is a big network of current and former Makers students in which people post all sort of events, tech and non-tech happening both at Makers and outside. Our cohort still stays in touch with each other and try to meet up from time to time.

Now, I work in a consulting company which means that most of my work is happening at the client site. I am currently working at the project that is happening in Scotland.

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