Success Story:

Paula Muldoon

Hired in June 2017

From Violinist to Tech.

Paula was in the remote April 2017 cohort. Before Makers, she was a professional violinist, then trained as a software developer and got her first dev job with Kurt Geiger. 

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I’d toured all over the world (20 countries over four continents), working in full-time employment as a first violinist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and freelancing in London.

In December 2016, I was guest leading an orchestra in China. They offered me the job and I thought, “I can’t commute to China. Time to do something else!”

I knew about Makers from a colleague of mine at a music tech startup where I was doing part-time business development work. The combination of coding best practices, emotional intelligence, and strong careers team sealed the deal for me.

I got my first job at Kurt Geiger a week after my course at Makers finished, where I was 80% remote.

I then worked with Cambridge Cognition, writing code for cognitive assessment tests used in global clinical trials — mostly working in an office but occasionally remotely.

Now I’ve just started working remotely again at BRYTER, a no-code decision automation platform that aims to make justice available more readily. I still play lots of music, but now I get there on a bicycle instead of a train!

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