Success Story: PJ Johnstone

From Research to Tech
Hired in March 2018

Before Makers…

PJ was a Research Associate at The Up Group, which builds the leadership teams of the world’s most innovative companies. They are now a Software Engineer at Cleo AI.

Peter Johnstone

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“They’re there not to just help you get a job, but to help you get the right one. And they’re damn good at it.”

“The course is a mad rollercoaster, throughout which you’ll be bombarded with a whole range of Stuff To Do at the same time as trying to figure out how computers and the internet work (turns out there’s a lot of stuff going on there, wild). I’m a firm believer in shouting to the heavens about it if you find something you love, and over the last few months I’ve come to love being at Makers. 

One of the things that Makers emphasises is that coding is a team sport, and that you can be the best programmer in the world and that be meaningless if you can’t work with others in a team. Meditation and the Emotional Intelligence curriculum will help develop your ‘softer’ (for want of a better word) skills that are vital for this.

You’ll develop your abilities to listen, cultivate a deeper sense of empathy, and learn to really, actually, listen. This will help you as you come to apply for jobs as you become more confident, enhance your own resilience, and practise knowing how great you really are.

Makers exists for a reason: that there are not enough junior developers out there. That makes you in demand. And on top of that, they have a fabulous careers team, who will be alongside you throughout the process, helping you and cheering for you, answering any questions you might have — not to mention putting on a fabulous careers fair with every cohort that comes through.

They’re there not to just help you get a job, but to help you get the right one. And they’re damn good at it.”



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