Everybody deserves a job they love.

If you are thinking about a career in coding, but not sure about your options, we are here to help. On this page, you will find

How do you know if coding is for you?

If you want

  • a job you’re proud of and you want to work with passionate, open-minded people who feel the same way.
  • to be around colleagues who are interested in the world and the future.
  • skills that are current and will evolve and continue to be in demand, even after the robots come.
  • to solve problems in a way that is tangible and provides a reward in its own right I
  • an extreme intellectual challenge

Then we highly recommend you start coding – and find a job that involves coding.

Makers prepares you to be a software engineer. More and more companies expect their developers to work as part of cross functional teams where they work on projects from inception, deployment, and running of technology-based projects. Below are some tasks from different job descriptions for junior developers our students were hired for:

Coding jobs in e-commerce:

  • technically improving speed of delivery
  • migrating to a new cloud provider
  • creating new features clients would need (for example, creating a better ticketing system)
  • performance testing
  • fixing bugs
  • adding data sources
  • create dashboard view
  • building user experience for web and mobile apps

Coding jobs in consultant companies:

  • functional testing,
  • automation testing,
  • usability testing,
  • compatibility testing,
  • exploratory and API testing
  • deliver microservices (eg file upload)

Coding jobs in social network:

  • creating messaging and posting capabilities
  • advancing search and filter
  • machine learning recommendations
  • working on native mobile applications

Coding jobs in media:

  • collaborating on solutions with design/UX/QA team members
  • adding/updating tests/documentation
  • production deployment
  • creating new applications
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What coding jobs are available to you if you come from a different career?

At Makers, we have had student with backgrounds ranging from hospitality to law, from armed forces to nursing. After 12 weeks, they became junior developers and found meaningful jobs with companies that matched their strengths and interests.

We’re Europe’s leading software engineering training course. Our intensive four-month program (which includes a month-long PreCourse) sets you up to become a high quality professional software engineer. We only accept carefully chosen applicants as this is a rigorous program. If you’re serious about changing careers then we’d love you to help you on your journey.


Below is some of our students’ career change stories – see where 12 weeks of coding bootcamp took them:


Peter Johnstone

Career. Changers. Makers.

From Research Associate to Software Engineer

Peter went from helping to prepare pitches and creating events to building features, integrating bank data APIs, and writing code that moves money safely at Cleo AI.

Learn More about Peter

From Finance to iOS Engineer

Funmi went from assisting with monthly budgets and data entry to working on Starling Bank’s Mobile App and gaining experience in Android and iOS development.

Learn More about Funmi

From Teaching to Software Engineer

Jennifer went from teaching Maths to designing and implementing tooling for AWS and Heroku governance across a large cloud estate and providing self service APIs and tools that enable delivery teams to utilise cloud platforms safely and effectively.

Learn More about Jennifer

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